Sho Mo Age Mi Ni? Why You Shouldn’t Use This Slang

sho mo age mi ni
Written by Geeky Daniel

Nigerians are best known for savage replies worldwide, there can be no iota of doubt to that and Nigeria has been a country where there’ll always be a trending word like “TRANSMISSION”.
At every point in time in Nigeria, there’s always a trending word that will dominate all social media platforms you can find Nigerians and this time, it’s “Sho Mo Age Mi Ni?” which was originated by a Nollywood actor, Kazeem Abimbola popularly identified as Jigan Babaoja.
jigan - sho mo age mi ni
Kazeem took to social media to disclose that no matter the number of times anyone asks about his age, he will never reveal his real age but ask them “sho mo age mi ni?”

However, there’s been a tremendous use of the slang by Nigerians who don’t even know who first originated the word.

Here’s a brief story that tells why Kazeem came about the popular slang “Sho mo age mi ni?”

I have actually done several skits but it’s just that God had mandated that I would become popular with this ‘Sho mo age mi’ slang. I was on a movie location with some of my friends when we started talking about our actresses that were celebrating their 40th birthday; we said that some of them were either not up to 40 years or they were above the age.

That was how we started arguing and I cited myself as an example, asking them if they knew if I was up to 40 years old. That’s how I started asking them if they knew my age in Yoruba. From there, something urged me to do a skit about it and that’s how it went viral.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use “Sho Mo Age Mi Ni” Slang
This slag as seeming very funny can be as well not good for you to
use. Do you want to know? I’ll list them below.
1. It will make people who respect you before disrespecting you
2. You will be depressed after using the slang
3. If you’re asked anything it’ll be the first thing you’ll say
4. Your manager might ask for your age someday and you won’t know when you’ll say “Sho mo age mi ni?”

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